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Just Right Tech

Empower Your Small Business
With solutions for email and communication, collaboration and storage, we can show you how to use services you're most likely already paying for to improve your company's effectiveness and efficiency without taking away from your bottom line
Your Home Network
Is your internet speed as fast as what you’re paying for? Are your neighbors using your access? Is your network secure? We’ll run tests to ensure that you’re getting the speed that you’re paying for. We’ll also run a complete audit on the security of the network and ensure that no one is hijacking your signals.
Personal Communication
We have extensive expertise and have helped 100’s of clients develop their own domain branding, custom email and communication. We’d love to help you get your setup, for much cheaper than you might think!
Cut the Cord
We can show you how, with a few small purchases, you can cut the cable for good, still get the same great programming, and pay a fraction of the cost.
Smart Devices
We’ll show you some of the best practices to use for smartphones. How to protect your kids from content they don’t need to be accessing. How to equip parents to keep track of the never-ending stream of new apps that can be potential threats to our kids, our safety, and our sanity.
Protect Your Family
Information security and content filtering are crucial in today’s world. We'll show you how to keep your information safe, backed up, and protected. We can setup free content filtering (porn, etc) to protect your home devices. We'll make sure your data is backed up and can setup FREE virus and spyware protection for your computers.
What is the Cloud?

What in the world is the cloud? Why does my phone always say I’m running out of storage? What happened to my data?

The “cloud” can be a tremendous benefit to the typical family, and any small business.

How can we help?
Let us show you how you can use FREE resources to keep your data available, and easily accessible for your family members, or employees.

Home Entertainment

Is your TV hooked up correctly to your cable box, satellite or UVERSE box?

Are you getting the picture and sound clarity that you’re paying for?
Is everything connected correctly?
How can we help?

The average household doesn’t realize that even though they’re paying for High-Def signals from their cable box, the typical technician doesn’t hook the equipment up correctly, and so you’re viewing a downgraded signal, or hearing a lower quality sound. We’ll ensure that you’re viewing and hearing what you’re paying for.

Protect Your Family

Information security and content filtering are crucial in today’s world. Let us show you how to keep your information safe, backed up, and protected.

Is your wireless network customized with security?
Or is it still using the default configuration setup by your cable company?

How can we help?
We can setup free content filtering (pornography, etc) to protect your home devices.Let us make sure your data is properly backed up.We can setup FREE virus and spyware protection for your computers.


What Our Clients Have To Say

As a tech company, we were somewhat reticent to farm out our IT, but Jason at Just Right Tech has proven to be a valuable asset to our company. His forward thinking and ability to problem solve has allowed us to concentrate on our business and leave IT concerns to him. I highly recommend Jason and encourage you to let go of your IT issues and concentrate on your business.
Andy Beck
Owner, Viper Imaging
Just Right Tech has been taking care of all my technical and internet needs for the last couple of years. Not only has Jason saved us a lot of money, his service is timely and excellent. I wouldn't use anyone else!
Ward Drennen
Owner, Franklin Automotive
I have used Jason for all my personal and business IT needs for several years. I’ve yet to have a problem that Jason couldn’t fix, quickly and thoroughly. He’s quick to respond to any IT questions, that I encounter and call him about. I highly recommend Jason for any IT needs you might have, personally or business related, on a one time basis or ongoing. His character and his problem solving abilities are impeccable.
Rodney Beasley
Owner, Beasley Properties
Trey and I talked often about safe guarding the electronics in our home. We put very little action behind those words but we knew how important it was. We even purchased a Circle but it sat on the shelf for a year. I heard that Jason was coming into people’s homes and helping them safe guard iPads, home computers and even TVs. Jason not only had the wisdom to do it all but he gave wise counsel in regards to social media. It was truly some of the best money we have ever spent. We wish we had called Jason a few years ago!
Campbell Fulton
Home Customer
Jason has provided high-quality, affordable service to our organization for the past 10 years. As he is accessible by both phone and email, we are able to contact him with urgent needs and get a quick response.
Beth Drennen
Executive Director, Clerestory, INC
My experience with Just Right Tech has been more than positive due to timeliness of response, knowledge base, and the proactive nature in which they operate. Just Right Tech offers a professional model balanced with a relational service. As an administrator, I can rest knowing that my team is supported well.
Barbara Griffith
HR and Accounting, Westminster School
Jason has served my firm’s tech needs for over a decade. He’s professional, timely, efficient and cost-effective. He has been a tremendous asset to my business and I’d highly recommend him for your home or small business.
Greg Mixon
Owner, Mixon Firm
Jason has provided excellent service for my business since before we opened our doors over a year ago. His expertise has resulted in quick, efficient and professional installations that have exceeded my expectations at every turn. I heartily recommend Jason Sears to you!
Jon Harvill
Owner, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers
Jason has consistently provided excellent, timely, affordable, and knowledgeable tech support for our home, family, and business. I highly recommend him!
Scott Baker
Owner, Bayhill Partners
I highly recommend Jason for consultation regarding any “home tech services”. He is very knowledgeable, responsive and affordable. Whether your issue is home networking, filtering for safe family internet usage or general laptop assistance Jason can get you back to business!
Jeff Dortch
Home Customer
We are so thankful for Jason! He has helped us secure our home’s internet for our teenaged son, taught us how to make sure our many photos were properly stored, and even showed us how to efficiently use our phones! He is our go-to guy!
Amy Steenwyk
Home Customer

25 Years of Experience

Technology moves fast – and our homes and families are on the front line of receiving the benefits, and enduring the challenges of technologically integrated lives.

Just Right Tech, LLC is committed to helping the everyday, busy family efficiently manage their technological needs, keep their children protected from unwanted content, synchronize devices, and allow technology to make life easier – not more challenging!

We have over 25 years of experience in the business, and extensive exposure to the REAL and ACTUAL problems faced by the typical technology consumer.  We’re committed to saving you money, and helping you win with your device.